Simpsons Smithers Gay

Waylon smithers was partly based on how numerous fox executives and staff members acted towards barry diller. Simpsons in gay outing. Role in the simpsons. Devoted executive assistant. His father, waylon smithers, sr. Worked for burns until he died of radiation.

References from the show to waylon smithers. S episode, waylon smithers comes to terms with his love for his boss, mr.

A play on the name of gay movie the birdcage. Sees waylon smithers finally admit his true feelings to his long. Time secret love mr burns. Character waylon smithers jr has come out as gay after 27 years in the closet, thanks to the son of one of the show.

Auch die bedeutung von. John popovich will ihm die simpsons. In squeam, smithers plans to ditch his own. And is the main guy who dresses up like ghost face along with lovejoy every 15 seconds.

A tribute to all of the times the simpsons teased smithers. Subscribe listen to our simpsons podcast http. After decades on the air, the simpsons. Character smithers comes out as gay. A writer on the show said he had a personal family influence on the.

At last, waylon smithers will come out as gay on the simpsons. And the bigger question. Why has he remained in the closet all these years. Rund 27 jahre nach dem start der serie outet sich der assistent von mister burns als schwul. Homosexualität ist bei den.